Santek 不織布マスク

¥1,280¥18,080 (税込)

Santek Non-Woven Mask, 50 Pieces, Disposable, Large, Less Ear Pain, VFE99.9%, BFE99.9%, PFE99.8%, UPF50+, UV Blocking Rate, 99.9%, Pollen, Dust, UV Protection, UV Protection

●Three-layer non-woven fabric protects against pollen and dust
●Prevents pollen, dust, virus droplets, and fine particles.
●VFE99.9%, BFE99.9%, PFE99.8% cut. It has a 3-layer structure that prevents splashes and is functionally safe.
Cut VFE99.9%, BFE99.9%, PFE99.8%. Tested by Japan Kaken Test Center
UPF50+, UV shielding rate of 99.9% or more Tested by Japan Kaken Test Center

[High-performance mask] VFE 99.9% (virus droplet collection efficiency), BFE 99.9% (bacteria droplet collection efficiency), PFE 99.8% (particle collection efficiency), UPF (ultraviolet protection index 50+), UV rays Uses a cut filter with a light shielding rate of 99.9% or more. Non-woven 3-layer structure for peace of mind.

● [UV cut non-woven mask] The improved Santek non-woven mask also has a UV cut effect. It has a UV protection rate of 99.9% and a UPF 50+ certification, making it perfect for the coming season.

●[Special black color] Black non-woven fabric is used for all three layers. It is a discerning black color that is not transparent.

● [Comfortable use] The non- woven fabric is thickened to achieve a softer touch and resistance to pilling.

● Wire nose fitter for a perfect fit. Do not create gaps.

●It is a specification that does not hurt your ears with a thick round rubber.

● [Standard size unisex] The standard size is 175mm x 95mm. The ear rubber is a thick round rubber specification, and it is a mask that does not hurt your ears even if you wear it for a long time.

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